Our Services

Wings of Soul provides practical guidance and support for victims of domestic violence and abuse

For Emergencies: Call (+44) 7592 599 885

Primary Services

Domestic Violence

We are a team of highly-trained, female and male advisers. UK’s Only Registered Charity Providing a Free & Confidential Service for Emergency Injunction Orders for Domestic Abuse Survivors

Solicitor Services

Our experienced  solicitors are well known in many areas offering a steadying hand and practical advice on the best way forward. Wings Of Soul is to make your life support for people who are victims of domestic.

Psychological Assistance

Speak to one of ours experienced psychologist team to make a positive change today. Men’s and woman’s issues, relationship problems, work, family stress, Wings Of Soul can give you the best assistance ever

Other Services

Legal Assistance

Legal assistance in relation to family and domestic law with our solicitors team.


Practical help with immigration, visas and personal documentation


Guidance on systems, procedures, policies,  rules and regulations

Home Visits & Care

Helping with the basic necessities of life such as accommodation, food, clothing…

Psychological Support

Psychological support plus complimentary therapies that will help you.

Financial Support

Financial support and guidance on financial management to improve your spences.


Intermediation with local authorities regarding healthcare, educational and employment needs.

Social Progammes

Facilitating inclusion in social programmes and many more, contact us.

How You Can Help 

We will be grateful for any support you can provide that will help us achieve our objectives. In particular, assistance with the following will be very much appreciated:

  • Raising money and making donations to go towards the cost of victim support services, accommodation, food, clothing etc.


  • Providing temporary accommodation units to shelter victims


  • Raising awareness of our organisation and our work amongst your peers and within the wider community


  • Offering staff members the opportunity to undertake community based ‘volunteer days’ to support our work

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